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June 2024 Newsletter
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June 2024
Dear Neighbors,
I hope summer finds you looking forward to vacation and enjoying time with family.
Summer Open Board Meeting. 
I want to start with a reminder that we will now have only one open meeting per year, required by our by-laws, as the winter meeting is historically poorly attended.  As such, we will need to make our important neighborhood decisions for the entire year at this summer meeting.  So, it is important that we have enough of you there in order to have the necessary votes to move our community in the direction you want us to go. There will be issues for vote regarding HOA (and your) finances. We will encourage you to pass your vote to a neighbor or the board as proxy, if you cannot attend.  We are planning to meet “under the stars” in the common area either 17 or 24 July, making it easier for you to attend.  Look for more information on dates and agenda items in early July.
Tree Trimming.  
We are in the process of accepting a bid from Fito and Sons to prune and debris about 40 of our common area trees.  This does not include trees inside homeowners property lines.  The trees for trimming have been designated in a walkaround, so please do not request additional services from the workers.  There are also several small trees which the experts have advised we remove, but we will defer that work until next year.
The Lights are On!  
As promised, we did get a visit from Dominion Power.  They checked and repaired all of our community public light fixtures.  Thanks for bringing that “dark matter” to the Board’s attention.
ARB and Home Repairs.  
The latest tranche of ARB infraction letters has recently been mailed and the rest will be going out soon.  HOA guidelines allow 30 days for repairs, but we have extended the deadline for repairs or submission of reasonable plans for repair to the ARB Committee (Hector) until 30 August.  As always, we need your compliance and let Hector know when you are complete.  Compliance keeps our neighborhood standards high, saves Hector from reinspecting, and saves us administrative time reissuing letters and postage. A big thanks to those of you who have diligently made your repairs.
Making Changes?  
If you are planning any alterations to your property, major or minor, do check with the ARB in advance.  Alterations in structure, color, material, etc., all have HOA standards.  We have had to address several “Oops” by well-intended homeowners whose changes are not allowed under the guidelines that apply to us all. Please review the guidelines; if in doubt, give us a shout - first.
And the Good News!  
Our most recent neighborhood home sale settled ABOVE asking price! That is testament to Fairland Towns’ desirability, and reason why we all must willingly maintain our homes and grounds in top-notch condition for the good of all in our community.
That’s it for this month.  
Have a safe and happy July 4th holiday.  Spread kindness!
Kevin (703-772-6216), Ronda, Neil, Jeff and Hector
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Upcoming Events
Saturday, June 29th to Wednesday, July 31st
Please pay HOA dues ($460) by July 31st!
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Fairland Towns Homeowner Association
PO Box 1376
Annandale, VA   22003
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