Upcoming Events
Winter Open Board Meeting
Wednesday, February 28th, 7:00-8:30pm at Weyanoke Elementary School Cafeteria
Our Fairland Towns HOA winter neighborhood board meeting will be Wednesday, 28 Feb, 7:00pm, in the cafeteria at Weyanoke School. The school is located just a block south of our neighborhood on Braddock Road, and is easy walking distance.  A draft agenda for the meeting is attached at the bottom of this note. Along with normal business, important items to be discussed include snow and lawn service, Spring tidy-up, grounds tree and shrub service, road maintenance and overdue repairs by homeowners. We will provide ample time for you to voice your thoughts and concerns, too. If you are unable to attend, please provide another neighbor who will attend with a written proxy note to represent you on decisions at the meeting.   Arrange to walk over with a neighbor! 
 1.       President’s call to order and welcome (3 Minutes)
·       Purpose
·       Agenda overview
·       Expected decisions
2.       Recording Secretary (5 minutes)
·       Minutes from last meeting
3.       Treasurer’s report (10 Minutes)
4.       Architectural Review Board (ARB) report  (15 Minutes)
·       ARB responsibility
·       How ARB does its job
·       Current status of citations
·       HOA board compliance options (fines)
·       Homeowner responsibility
o   If you receive a citation
o   Your options
5.       Vice President’s report (10 Minutes)
·       Neighborhood updates
·       Old Business
6.       New business (President) (10 Minutes)
·       Snow removal protocol (Decision)
·       Spring landscaping/pruning (Decision)
·       ARB citation fines (Decision)
·       Spring Tidy-up and garden initiative
·       Power washer purchase (Decision)
7.       Open floor (35 minutes)
·       Homeowners concerns and questions
·       Discussion
8.       Adjournment/Closing (President) (2 Minutes)