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Posted on May 11th, 2017

Since 2010, with the goal of maintaining the condition of our private roads and minimizing maintenance costs by attempting to limit public traffic through our community, some of our HOA homeowners and HOA board members have monitored the Thomas Jefferson High School traffic exiting the high school premises on Minor Lane toward Little River Turnpike.  At the end of a school day at 4:00 p.m., many students would make a right turn from Minor Lane onto Major Street and would cut through our community on Irvin Court toward Braddock Road, often times at excessive speed.  
The good news is that after two years of high school construction activity and since the completion of the T.J. High School remodeling project earlier in 2017, such outside traffic into our community has drastically decreased, if not ceased during the daytime.
Furthermore, we continue to spot check and monitor activity during high school evening sports and various other school events when a large number of vehicles parked on school property are observed.  Since 2013, as high school events let out, traffic cones were set up on occasion at the intersection of Major Street and Minor Lane to prevent right turns from the high school into our complex.  At the board’s request, in November 2015 T.J. High School posted a new “No Right Turn” sign inside the school property line near the intersection of Major Street and Minor Lane.  In October 2016, the board agreed to purchase six personalized “Fairland” safety cones for use in monitoring evening high school event traffic.
However, on the evening of May 4, 2017, the six personalized safety cones were stolen after being set up at Major Street and Minor Lane for a T.J. High School baseball game.  The board is considering reporting this theft to the local police authorities if it is determined that the incident was indeed a criminal act versus a prank.  If any Fairland Towns HOA homeowner or resident is aware of the whereabouts of the traffic cones or information concerning this matter, we would appreciate that you contact the Fairland Towns HOA board as soon as possible.
Thank you for your attention and help on this matter.